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that bar pic is already going around on tumblr, it's originally posted by that expat tabloid asiapundits who have already been caught spreading lies defaming this other Korean company. that bar isn't even owned by a Korean, check out that bar's FB page "JR Southern Style BBQ" the owner is Troy Armando. Most of the bars in Itaewon are foreign owned. There's antiblackness in Korea yeah but that asiapundits site is f'd up and it's misinformation spread again.





You know, knowing a few expats in Korea and knowing Korea as a Korean, it doesn’t matter who wrote it, for me; that is pretty much the Korean sentiment on Ebola right now.

Korea is xenophobic to begin with, so when something like Ebola gets associated with foreigners, the xenophobia becomes even worse. Because Koreans are:

  1. Quite obsessive about health (basically every food marketing is based on health, and I mean that.)
  2. FUD’d by the dumbass mass media, with no actual alternative to that FUD; and
  3. So susceptible to crowd mentality.

By the way, from Asia Pundits:

It was reported to Asia Pundits that a manager at the pub, who goes by the name Hannah Yoon, was contacted and confirmed the bar’s new policy, stating, “Koreans were uncomfortable”, adding that the bar needed to cater to their main patrons. Miss Yoon also stated that the bar’s owners were aware of the policy change.

This needs to be validated, but knowing how a lot of Koreans think, this does not sound unreasonable at all. What this means is that the pub’s motion is not willed solely by itself, but willed more by the customer reaction, and hence your mention of the non-Korean ownership of the pub becomes quite irrelevant.

I mean, a quite large portion of Koreans will often refer to black people as what could be thought as the Korean equivalent of the N-word (“깜둥이”). Let’s be honest; Korea is pretty goddamn racist. Why do 60+ percent of the Korean schools specifically desire a white native-speaking English teacher? Why is it hard to get a job as a native-speaking teacher if you’re Asian?

(The backlash to this is that quite a few native-speaking teachers are just bad people who got hired because they speak English natively and they’re white, and do horrible shit like drug-dealing and sexual assault.)

[Contracted for space]
[Contracted for space]

Did I say these sentiments don’t exist in Korea? Of course they do. Did I say antiblackness isn’t real in Korea? No.That doesn’t change the lack of accuracy in reporting.

Like I said, you can’t, shouldn’t just augment a story and spin it any way you want. That doesn’t change the fact that Western media has a specific intent and its own agenda. That’s not contested, it’s a well known practice criticized in textbooks even. That asiapundits, that white expat what’s his name? Hullaski Sivart? He writes a tabloid that mostly has articles that look at Asia like a freakshow, like a zoo. Do you not see the meta narrative being arched over Korea here by Western media? Koreabang? Chinasmack? Oh, and of course “The GRAND Narrative” wow, not subtle there. 

I’m not saying there aren’t issues in Korea, do you really think this Hullaski Sivart cares about antiblackness or racism? I can bet you money he’s one of those reverse racism people, do you really think he doesn’t echoe what the majority of white people in America and Europe think of people of color? His agenda is not to dismantle racism, his agenda is to keep a narrative going that feeds expats desire to look upon Korea as a zoo.

And American societies and governments responsibility to be open to “foreigners” and “diaspora” and people of color is different than Korea, who is occupied by U.S. military, and are OPPRESSED under American Imperialism and cultural colonization. It’s much more complicated than that. We already cater to the foreign population, we are bending over backwards to learn English, to emulate Americanness in Korea to feel like we are up to par. 

More than the expat population, who by design, are in Korea due to Western privilege, I feel it’s the migrant workers we should care for in our treatment. For the expat population, we should not be discriminatory to people of color yet take steps to downplay their power over native Koreans. 

I mean, I see you have personal grievances but that’s not a reason to allow false, inaccurate reporting that sides with these expats who write not out of a desire for justice, but for more sinister reasons that validate and affirm their own hierarchical power over Koreans. I know what you mean, but I can’t just ignore these expat tabloids, how they are and what they serve.

So you didn’t quite have any arguments against me except still trying to discredit the picture/story, by claiming lack of ethos.

But if these people write about Asia negatively, I could also claim Koreans are as guilty as these people about this sentiment. For example: Americans being hyper-libertarian gun nuts, Chinese people being disgusting, the insanity that is Japanese politics, etc. etc.

(My father has a friend who taught at Tokyo Univ. for years, and he says he still doesn’t understand one bit about Japanese politics after living in Japan for so many years.)

But that’s not important.

What is important is, and I’ll restate it without the analogy of the vector field: summarizing these expat sites in a concise manner doesn’t allow one to then claim that description applies uniformly. I don’t think Koreans are uniformly racist, nor do I think expat writers are uniformly looking down upon others. These things are thesis material; hence, when I write long, I tend to avoid generalization without exception.

The Republican Party in U.S. is often criticized for being backwards, and often times, dumb. That does not apply uniformly to all members, and that also does not apply uniformly to everything they do. For example, Chris Christie and Michael Bloomberg, and their specific actions.

If a Republican proposed something reasonable, I’ll defend in the name of reason. If a WBC member said something reasonable, my rationality will defend it. If KKK provided a reasonable statement, I won’t discredit it because it comes from KKK.

If North Korea provided a reasonable statement, my rationality will accept it.

Of course, oral testimony is not accepted as a sole reason to find someone guilty in court for a reason: it cannot be actually validated for truth. However, one also does not assume that every statement made by a witness is a thick-faced lie pushing a conspired plot.

P.S. I see a lot of new Korean university students here wearing “hip-hop” caps… indoors. They dress in a way that would get them in deep trouble if they were in the back streets of NYC, and they also dress in a way that completely disrespects the university culture.

P.P.S. As an Australian comic (she is quite good) said about the Dutch: “Their homeless are bilingual.” I had a Finnish friend who spoke impeccable English and also learned Swedish. Now, Finnish and Korean do share quite a few similarities in their function. It’s not as much a problem that Koreans are bending backwards to learn English, but more that they’re learning English for test-taking, often being completely incompetent at carrying a conversation. English is the accepted international language; if Chinese takes that throne, everyone will be learning Chinese.

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frosty-viking asked

You might have answered this before, do you prefer the httyd1 or httyd2 soundtrack?

HTTYD1. I feel it is artistically freer, distancing itself from what’s considered to be a “standard film-score sound.”

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